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Cleaning Services for Efflorescence

What Why How?

Efflorescence are unsightly white patches that are hard solid strong. This commonly occurs when moisture moves through a wall or other structure, reacting with the free lime inside the concrete/cement adhesive. During the reaction it brings ‘salts’ to the surface that are not commonly bound as part of the cement stone.

We provide a water base Efflorescence Removal system to remove the existing white patches.

Repair the tile grout with suitable materials depending on grout thickness. Apply two layers of Silicone Repellence to prevent it from happening.

For concrete stain / cement removal, we have an Industrial Oil which could provide a ‘Non-stick on’ Vertical Surface for three to six months.


Efflorescence saline are Alkaline, we used a type of water based acid to neutralise the PH value.
Therefore, removing the hard strong crystallise item.

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